FC Instagram

Quickly build an effective for your project with this template.

# Before You Start (For Customer)

# Step 1: Add an Instagram Test User

Open a new web browser and go to www.instagram.com and sign into your Instagram account that you just invited. Navigate to (Profile Icon) > Edit Profile > Apps and Websites > Tester Invites and accept the invitation.

Step 3-3 step-for-customer-1.gif

Your Instagram account is now eligible to be accessed by your Facebook app.

# Step 2: Authenticate the Test User

Construct the Authorization Window URL below, replacing {app-id} with your Instagram app’s ID (from the App Dashboard > Products > Instagram > Basic Display > Instagram App ID field) and {redirect-uri} with your website URL that you provided in Step 2 ("Valid OAuth Redirect URIs"). The URL must be exactly the same.


For example:


Open a new browser window and load the Authorization Window URL. It should appear and display your Instagram user’s name, the app’s name, and a description of the permissions your app is requesting.


Authenticate your Instagram test user by signing into the Authorization Window, then click Authorize to grant your app access to your profile data. Upon success, the page will redirect you to the redirect URI you included in the previous step and append an Authorization Code.

For example:


Note that #_ has been appended to the end of the redirect URI, but it is not part of the code itself. Copy the code (without the #_ portion) so you can use it in the next step.